Caring for Children

Family day care is provided in a small group and allows children to form a secure attachment with the Educator who can understand and respond to their physical, emotional, social and learning needs with consistency and warmth.  It also allows our Educators to develop strong bonds with the children and work with the families to meet the children’s educational and care needs.  



Our Educators provide a learning environment where children learn and develop by exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play and activities.



We organise weekly playgroup and music times, and promote library visits and outdoor activities for children enrolled in our Service to provide learning and development opportunities including socialising and interacting in larger groups with other children and adults.


Parental Engagement

We promote parental involvement in the provision of care. Our secure Parent Portal allows parents to update information and be responsible for the accuracy of their own information. It also provides real time access to enrolment details, attendance records, fee and Child Care Subsidy (CCS) information. Parents can access the Service Conditions of Care and the Policies and Procedures via the links provided in the "Policies" page of this website.  The relevant legislations and regulations (i.e. Education and Care Services National Law/ Regulations, Family Assistance Law) can be accessed via the links provided in the "Resources" page of this website.


Enroling Your Child

You can enrol your child online with the Service at Online Enrolment. We will contact you to discuss your child care needs and refer you to suitable educators accordingly. If you have already discussed care arrangements with one of our Educators, please complete the Parent Agreement Form and give to the Educator to be forwarded to us.  At any time you want to discuss matters related to your child's care arrangements, please contact us on 02 62917101.

Please read our Service's Conditions of Care to ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions for care.